After Hours Care For Your Convenience

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After Hours Care For Your Convenience

It’s frustrating not getting the right medical care when you need it. That’s how many Americans used to feel before After Hours clinic started proliferating.

What is an After Hours Clinic?

An After Hours clinic is a medical facility that’s available for patients outside regular office hours. In this clinic, patients can have the same type of care and services that they normally receive from a physician’s office during regular hours.

Normally, a physician’s office is closed during evenings and weekends, making it a challenge for a patient seeking care during these periods.

After Hours Clinic vs Emergency Room

While you can always seek medical care from an emergency room, this is often not the most practical option. On average, it costs about $1,000 for a visit in emergency room. This is more expensive than what an After Hours clinic charges. Depending on your case, an After Hours clinic can cost as much as a normal visit to your physician’s office.

Aside from the costs, overcrowding is an issue that you’ll have to deal with in emergency rooms. You may have to wait for hours to be seen especially if your case is non-life threatening.

After Hours Clinic Services

Most After Hours clinics do not require an appointment and are open all throughout the day. This makes them a more convenient option especially if you are working or going to school during regular physician hours.

An After Hours clinic can do routine care and even urgent medical treatment. After receiving care, the clinic will update your primary care physician so there will be a continuation of care.

In our commitment to giving the best orthopaedic care to our patients, we at Ozark Orthopaedics offer After Hours care. Call us to find out more about it.


Health Benefits of After Hour Clinics