5 Causes of Hip Pain in Women

5 Causes of Hip Pain in Women

Women tend to suffer from chronic pain more often than men. Its most common causes are the following:

Arthritis, specifically osteoarthritis, is the most common cause of chronic pain in women. There are several reasons why women are more prone to osteoarthritis than men. This includes the unique motion and function of joints in women, the width of their hips (women have wider hips which experts think could affect the alignment of the knee), hormones, and hypermobility (women tend to have more flexible joints).

How to prevent it?
There are ways on how women can prevent or keep osteoarthritis from progressing. This includes maintaining healthy body weight, exercising regularly, eating right, and following some safety precautions when doing an activity to prevent injuries.

Hip Fractures
Hip fractures are common in older women especially those suffering from osteoporosis. Some of the symptoms of hip fracture include severe pain in the hip or groin area, inability to get up from a fall, bruising and swelling in and around the hip area, and a shorter leg on the injured hip

How to prevent it?
A healthy lifestyle especially in one’s early adulthood life can help prevent hip fractures in the future.
To maintain bone health, it’s highly recommended to get enough calcium and vitamin D, exercise to improve balance and strengthen the bones and avoid or quit smoking, and excessive drinking.

Tendinitis and bursitis
Tendinitis and bursitis are conditions affecting the soft tissues surrounding the muscles and the bones. They are usually a result of repetitive use and sudden intense injury.

Like arthritis, the pain felt in tendinitis and bursitis worsens during movement.

How to prevent it?
Tendinitis and bursitis can be prevented by warming up and stretching before and after strenuous activity, properly training for a new activity, maintaining good body posture and mechanics, and stopping when an activity causes pain.

Femoral hernia
Women are most likely to suffer from femoral hernia than men. Although the exact cause is still unknown, experts believe straining is a big contributor to the development of femoral hernia in women

The straining can be due to childbirth, constipation, being overweight, heavy lifting, and chronic coughing.

How to prevent it?
Femoral hernias can be prevented by maintaining healthy body weight, incorporating fiber in the diet (to prevent constipation), doing heavy lifting carefully, and seeing a doctor when experiencing a chronic cough.

Endometriosis is a painful disorder on which tissue similar to the endometrium (the tissue that lines the uterus) grows inside the uterus
Endometrial lesions that build around a nerve can cause hip pain which may radiate on the buttocks

How to prevent it?
Although there’s no specific way to prevent endometriosis, you can lower your chance of developing it by maintaining healthy body weight and moderating your alcohol and caffeine intake.

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