After Hours Care at Ozark

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After Hours Care at Ozark

In the past, seeking medical assistance after regular clinic hours can be a nightmare. You either have to wait for the next business day, or risk waiting longer and spending more in an emergency room.

Fortunately, the idea of an After Hours clinic was born.

What is an After Hours Clinic?
An After Hours Clinic is a medical facility that caters to patients needing medical assistance outside regular clinic hours.

Typically in these types of clinics, patients receive the same amount and type of care and services that are normally offered at a physician’s office during regular hours.

What are the services offered by an After Hours Clinic?
An After Hours Clinic can do routine care and urgent medical treatment.

The best thing about this medical facility is that it’s open all throughout the day and doesn’t require an appointment. This is an ideal option for those who can’t see their physicians on regular hours due to work or school.

After Hours Clinic or Emergency Room?
Unless you are in a life-threatening situation, an After Hours Clinic will be your best option.

Going to an Emergency Room for routine care or for a non-emergency medical situation can be costly. An Emergency Room visit costs approximately $1,000 per visit. On top of that, you’re risking getting into an overcrowded facility or wasting your time as medical personnel has to prioritize emergency cases.

Depending on your case, a visit to an After Hours clinic can cost as much as your normal physician’s visit.

Ozark Orthopaedics in Arkansas offers an After Hours Injury Clinic. Our injury clinic is open Monday – Thursday, 4:00-PM to 8:00 PM, but all urgent appointments needed may call us at (479) 521-0091.