Back to School: Sports Injuries in Children

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Back to School: Sports Injuries in Children

Participating in any kind of sports, whether it’s recreational or competitive, can teach kids about discipline, sportsmanship, and confidence. However, any kind of sport has the potential to cause injury.

Although sports-related injuries are inevitable, knowing what these common injuries are and how to prevent them can help make athletics a more positive experience for your child.

Common Sports-Related Injuries in Kids and Teens

Acute Injuries
In younger kids, acute injuries may refer to sprains, strains, and minor bruises. These acute injuries may be more severe among teen athletes who may sustain torn ligaments and broken bones.

Most cases of acute injuries are a result of the use of improper or poor quality equipment (e.g. lack of proper eye protection equipment for racquet sports).

Overuse Injuries
As its name implies, overuse injuries are a result of repetitive actions that put too much stress on a specific muscle group or bones.

Some of the most common overuse injuries include the swimmer’s shoulder, the Little League elbow (pain and tenderness in the elbow from repetitive throwing), and shin splints (pain on the front of the lower parts of the leg resulting from repetitive running on a hard surface).

A reinjury can happen when an athlete returns to his/her sport before his/her previous injury is fully healed. This causes the body to compensate for the weakness, leading the kid to have another injury.

How to prevent these injuries
Warming up and cooling down before and after an event or practice, using proper equipment, sufficient hydration and rest, and letting an injury fully heal before playing again are some of the things that can help in preventing these injuries.

However, if an injury occurs (which is inevitable in sports), see a specialist immediately. A specialist can determine the severity of the injury and can provide you with the best options to manage it.

Sports-related injuries are just some of the specialties of our doctors at Ozark Orthopaedics. We take pride in our highly individualized patient care.

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