Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Benefits of Physical Therapy

October is National Physical Therapy Month.

Both physical therapists and physical therapy assistants play an important role in helping you achieve your physical activity goals and improving your overall quality of life.

What is Physical Therapy and how can it help you?
Physical therapy is considered to be a non-invasive discipline that assists patients in developing, maintaining, and restoring their maximum body movement and function.

Doctors usually recommend patients who have orthopaedic conditions or had orthopaedic injuries to undergo physical therapy as it can help in the following:

Delaying or eliminating the need for surgery
Although there are conditions on which surgery is inevitable, there are also cases on which physical therapy may delay or eliminate the need for a surgical procedure.

Doctors often recommend more conservative measures such as physical therapy to help manage symptoms such as pain and weakness.

Preventing injuries
Physical therapists and physical therapy assistants are specifically trained to assess the patient’s risk of injury in certain areas. They then use this assessment to create a physical therapy plan, catered specifically to the patient. This plan works several groups of muscles, tendons, and ligaments which work together to strengthen that weak area.

Managing pain
When you are experiencing pain, whether from an injury or from surgery, it can hamper your ability to function properly. Physical therapy can help you get back to your normal or close-to-normal way of functioning by restoring orthopedic functions.

Manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization can help in managing the pain.

Improving mobility and balance
Physical therapy is great for people who would want to improve their mobility or balance, which may have been affected by surgery, an injury, or certain conditions.

Boosting athletic performance
Physical therapy isn’t just for people who have orthopaedic conditions or injuries; athletes can also benefit from this discipline.

There are certain physical therapy techniques that can improve an athlete’s endurance, improve his/her coordination, and make him/her body well-adjusted to training.

If you have an orthopaedic condition and are wondering if physical therapy can be right for you, you can contact us to request an appointment with one of our specialists. You may also call us at (479) 521-2752.