Does The Shoe Fit?

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Does The Shoe Fit?

Wearing the right type and size of footwear can keep your feet healthy, help you move more with so much ease, and keep your body safe from injury.

If you’re wearing shoes that are too tight or not appropriate for your shoe size or shape, you may suffer from different foot issues such as bunions, calluses, corns, or other painful foot conditions.

What should be considered when you’re buying shoes?

These are things you should keep in mind when buying shoes:

  1. Support
    The right pair of shoes should provide your feet with enough cushion and aid the alignment of the foot when it touches the ground.
  2. Comfort
    When you don’t feel comfortable in the shoes, don’t buy it. The right pair should immediately feel comfortable from the first wear.
  3. Size
    The shoes should be wide and long enough to fit your feet. They should feel snug but not tight.

Choosing the Right Shoes

When choosing a footwear, consider the following recommendations:

  • Have both of your feet measured every single time. You may not be aware of it but your foot size increases as you age.
  • If you love wearing high heels, limit the height to 2 ¼ inches. Wearing heels higher than that can cause a number of foot issues including foot pain and hyperextension of toes.
  • Consider the width and length of the shoes you’re buying. If the shoe makes the ball of your foot feel squashed, ask for a wider size.
  • When fitting shoes, make sure that they are fitted carefully to the heels as well as to the toes. There should be a half inch space from the end of your longest toe to the end of the shoe.
  • To make sure that shoes fit perfectly well, try walking around in the shoes and if possible, try walking on different surfaces.
  • Check if you can wiggle your toes while wearing the shoes. There should be enough room for your foot to move within the shoe as you walk or run.
  • There is no such thing as “break in” period. If the shoes feel tight, don’t buy them.