How Can Stem Cell Therapy Speed Up Healing

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How Can Stem Cell Therapy Speed Up Healing

Regenerative medicine treatments are becoming more popular among orthopaedic surgeons for treating chronic conditions.

Having musculoskeletal injuries can be debilitating. Patients with chronic musculoskeletal conditions suffer from pain and a limited range of motion. When conventional treatments do not provide relief, regenerative medicine treatments such as stem cell therapy can help.

About Stem Cell Therapy
In stem cell therapy, your own stem cells (also known as platelet rich plasma) are ‘harvested’ through bone marrow aspiration. This is performed by an orthopaedic surgeon with the use of a local anesthetic or under IV sedation through an anesthesiologist (if it’s done as an outpatient procedure).

The harvested stem cells are then injected into your injured/affected sites, with the aim of decreasing the inflammation/pain, stimulating healing, and speeding up healing for your bone, muscle, joint, ligament, and soft tissue injuries.

How it speeds up the healing process
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells. With the help of certain hormones, they are capable of converting into cells for a specific purpose.

Stem cell therapy can increase the raw supply of materials available for healing. After being harvested from the bone marrow, stem cells are concentrated and prepared for re-injection at the site where they are needed.

Patients who had stem cell therapy after orthopaedic procedure are reported to experience pain relief sooner and shorter recovery time.

Stem cell therapy is also shown to benefit patients with degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis.

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