Most Common Orthopaedic Issues in Men

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Most Common Orthopaedic Issues in Men

Men and women are both susceptible to orthopedic issues. However, each group faces a different set of problems.

Women tend to have bone issues such as a sprained ankle or osteoporosis while men tend to suffer more from torn muscles. Whether it’s biology, activity, or a combination of both, the gap between men and women seems to close but certain differences remain.

Here are a few orthopedic issues men should be aware of:

Achilles tears
The Achilles tendon is that long fibrous cord that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. Overstretching this tendon can lead to full or partial rupture.

Tears in the Achilles tendon can cause a snapping sound during the occurrence of the injury, pain (which can get worse), swelling at the heel, sensation of being kicked in the calf, and can cause inability to stand on toes of the affected leg.

Men tend to suffer from Achilles’ tears because of their high involvement in sports like football and basketball. The foot motion involved in such activities can put a lot of strain on the tendon, making it more susceptible to rupture or tear.

Achilles tears
A finger fracture is another orthopedic problem that men tend to endure more often. Like Achilles tears, finger and hand fractures are more common in men because of their involvement in contact sports and activities involving hands (e.g. fistfights, using hand-held tools).

Fractures in the fingers rarely go unnoticed. For one, it causes immediate pain after trauma and in some cases, a deformed finger at the joint (if a dislocation occurs).

Distal bicep tears
Sudden extension of the elbow is the most common cause of rupture of the distal bicep tendon. This tendon connects the bicep muscles to the forearm.

Degenerative and mechanical factors contribute to distal bicep tear cases in men. The use of steroids and nicotine can also increase one’s risk of this type of tendon tear.

Usually occurring among heavy weightlifters, distal bicep tears can cause a sudden popping sound at the time of injury, followed by intense pain.

Soft tissue injuries
Soft tissue injuries are the trauma that occurs as a result of the overuse of muscles, tendons, or bones. They can happen due to a sudden or unexpected movement.

Men tend to suffer more from soft tissue injuries because of overworking and overstressing them. One way men can avoid this is by being mindful of rest days, whether they’re into sports, working out, or both.

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