New Year, New Workout Tips!

New Year, New Workout Tips!

For some of us, the New Year is the start of something new. Whether it’s about having a new perspective in life or a change in lifestyle.

When it comes to lifestyle, many of us wanted to be healthier and fitter. A way to do that is by eating more whole foods and incorporating exercise into your routine.

Before you get too excited to start an exercise regimen, it’s important to learn the proper form and technique to keep you injury-free.

Here are other tips to keep you safe while exercising:

Be aware of your body
Pay attention to how your body feels with the exercise. If something feels unusual or odd, take a pause and give it a break.

Remember to warm up and cool down
Warming up prepares your body for any physical activity while cooling down allows for a gradual recovery. Both can help reduce stress on your heart and muscles.

To warm-up, you may do what is called a dynamic warm-up. This is doing movements of your chosen activity but at a very slow pace.

Cooling down is similar to warming up. You just have to continue your workout session for 5 minutes or so but at a slower pace and lower intensity.

Take it slow
If you haven’t exercised before or just getting back to it, it’s very important to take it slow.

Initially, you may want to pace yourself out more, like working out after every 2 days or until your body get used to it.

Mix it up
Make sure you give ample time for your muscles to rest to keep them from being overtrained.

For example, if you are focusing on your biceps and triceps today, give it a rest for the next session and focus on another muscle group.

Stay hydrated
You could lose one and a half liters of liquid when you exercise for an hour. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated.

If you notice something unusual in your body while working out, see a specialist immediately.

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