Traveling After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

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Traveling After Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Orthopaedic surgery can have an impact on your ability to travel comfortably. It can affect your ability to tolerate turbulence and sit comfortably in a chair for the whole duration of the flight. Hence, it’s important to plan ahead even before you book your flight.

Traveling Tips After Shoulder Surgery
Before you plan for a trip, it’s important to consult your doctor to make sure that you’re good to fly. Consulting with your doctor can help clarify restrictions and even help you with any resources you may need.

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The following tips can help you have a pleasant trip after shoulder surgery:

Pack as light as possible
Even if you’re already past the early stage of recovery, you don’t want to risk your shoulder by carrying heavy bags. If you’re traveling for a couple of days, you may want to send out a bulk of your stuff to where you’re staying and/or buying bulky items in your destination.

Check your airline
Before you book for a flight, check for the airline’s regulations about flying after surgery. Some airlines have certain regulations when flying after a complex surgery.

It’s also important to look into hand luggage restrictions and the cost of purchasing another seat. An extra seat may help you sit comfortably especially when you have a bulky shoulder sling.

Call your travel insurance provider
Your recent surgery may have an impact on the cost of your travel insurance. Call them to inform you about your surgery.

Be prepared for airport security
If your surgery involved any implants, screws, plates, etc. you may have to undergo extra security measures at the airport as you may trigger metal detectors. You can inform the security staff about your recent surgery before you go through the scanners.

Plan to keep up with your physical therapy
You can ask your physical therapist about ways to keep up with your physical therapy while traveling.

Be prepared to turn down some activities
Depending on your stage of recovery, there can be activities that are off-limits while your shoulder is still healing. Just be patient. You can always go back and try those activities once your shoulder has fully recovered.

Prepare your medications ahead of time
Aside from prepping your medications ahead of time, it would also be smart to list them down, including their generic names.

Check your airlines too for some restrictions. Some airlines have restrictions on the number of medications you can bring on-board.

Having an enjoyable trip after shoulder surgery is possible. You just have to plan ahead, work with your provider, and be patient.

Have a great trip!