What is regenerative medicine and how can it help you? 

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What is regenerative medicine and how can it help you? 

In the past, when you are suffering from chronic pain or loss in function, you are only limited to certain options – medications, steroid injections, surgery. Now, there’s a growing practice in medicine that’s changing that – regenerative medicine.

What’s regenerative medicine?
Regenerative medicine refers to the process of replacing or regenerating human cells, tissues, or organs for the purpose of restoring or ‘normalizing’ a certain body function.

“Regenerative medicine itself is not new. However, it’s only been used recently for pain management applications” says Dr. Mark Miedema of Ozark Orthopaedics.

How does it work?
Regenerative medicine works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

In Dr. Miedema‘s practice, he uses a concentrated protein derived from a donated amniotic membrane and umbilical cord and injects it into the injured area. Doing so helps in reducing scarring, inflammation, and pain.

For Dr. Miedema, “the goal is to improve function and reduce pain by repairing the injured or inflamed tissue.”

What areas can regenerative medicine be applied to?
Regenerative medicine can be used for both acute and chronic pain in different areas.

In his practice, Dr. Miedema had success in treating patients in the neck, lower back, degenerative disc, and for several types of arthritis.

Who are ideal candidates for regenerative medicine?
According to Dr. Miedema, regenerative medicine is a good alternative to medicine, steroid injections, and surgery if not desired, indicated, or if the patient can’t do surgery for other medical reasons.

“It is an option for patients of any age looking to stay active and relieve pain,” says the othopaedic doctor.

If you are interested in regenerative medicine, the first step is an in-office consultation. To request an appointment, you can reach out to Ozark Orthopaedics at (479) 521-2752.