Why Posture Can Cause Shoulder Pain

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Why Posture Can Cause Shoulder Pain

Did you know that poor posture doesn’t just cause neck and back pain? Hunching over or slouching can also lead to a different kind of pain – shoulder impingement.

What is shoulder impingement?
Shoulder impingement is a kind of shoulder pain caused by a tendon rubbing on a shoulder blade. In simpler terms, it’s the “pinching” of the shoulder muscles against the surrounding bone resulting in repetitive or strained shoulder movements.

To further understand this, let’s discuss the anatomy of our shoulders.

Our shoulders are composed of three different types of bones – the upper bone (humerus), the collarbone (clavicle), and the shoulder blade (scapula). There are two joints that found in our shoulders – the acromioclavicular joint, the part where the shoulder blade and collarbone meet, and the glenohumeral joint, the part where the ball of the upper arm and the shoulder socket meet.

The rotator cuff connects all these bones and joints together, keeping the shoulder’s parts attached and working. Made up of tendons from different muscles, the rotator cuff ensures fluid movements of the shoulders.

How does posture cause shoulder pain?
Any change in our posture can also change the way we move and use our bodies. It can change the positioning of our shoulder blade, how well our shoulder muscles work together, and the space available at the shoulder for movement. In the long run, these changes can lead to pinching and shoulder impingement syndrome.

How can you improve your posture?
There are simple changes you can do to improve your posture. Rolling your shoulders back and up, letting them relax down, and sitting from the hips can all make a difference. If you’ve never practiced standing in a good posture, you can try standing against the wall and making sure there is contact with your hips, upper back, and head. That will give you an idea of what good/proper posture looks and feels.

If you still struggle in keeping a good posture and it’s already affecting your shoulders, then maybe it’s time to seek professional help.

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